The world has worthy ample,

No wealth to exalt in me;

Best has done my progenitor;

Wordsworth, Coleridge and Moore.


They hear the giggle from the jet,

Daffodils dance in the heart;

And euphonic carol of cuckoo in spring;

Blinking stars and floating fog.


And they note the whisper of twist,

Rain of roses at noon and night;

And prowling from heaven to hive;

The world is only light and life.


But, I heed the eyes swollen with pain;

Submerged valley in the malignant rain;

And the clouds mask the painted sky;

Soon the utopia spin to dusky.


And I mark the thirsting sods,

Widow boughs with fried bud;

I get the roar of the deep;

And life immure in Her grip.


Though differ in tongues very the taste,

Crow louds, weighing himself the best.


But, How can I flatter the girl of angle,

Watching her tender neck, apron tie???

His Confession…

His confessions:

She had kissed him because he forced her. She had kissed him again and again because he had forced her again and again. She had hugged him because he had impelled her.  She had hugged him tightly because he had compelled her strongly. She had met him very often because he wanted badly to meet her. She had showed him everything because he wanted to see. She had closed her eyes because wanted to gaze at her face for a year, she had extended her hands because he wanted to hold her till eternity, she had spread her polished colorful fingers because he wanted to touch till the sky touches the earth, she had parted her hairs because he wanted a hold of her neck, She had given everything to him because she did not want to break his heart. She had talked too much with him, at day and at night because he wanted to talk. She was receiving his calls because he was calling her many times in a day. Yes, it is true that she had called him few and he many. She had sacrificed her sleep because he wanted to talk. She sometimes, whole night only listened to him as she was sleeping with her mother. She was giving sign by the long press of the key pad of her mobile phone that she was listing. (For example if she wanted to say ’YES’ then she was giving beep sound once, if “NO” than two times.) And also she had saved his number with a different name (she had told him). She had listened to numerous songs he had happily sung for her. She had waited for him on her roof because he had requested and informed that he was passing by her home, and she had waved her hands. She had invited to her home because he wanted to visit. She was doing all these as she had thought him as her best friend.


He also remembers:

He had kissed her because she had kissed him first. He had kissed her passionately because she did not stop him. He had hugged her because…….(continue…)